Drill Rig PD 450/150 RP

Version of the Drill Rigs


The PD 450/120 RP is equipped with a powerful 470 kW diesel engine. Furthermore there is the possibility to purchase this directional drill rig as trailer version as well as on steel frame or as frame version with detachable crawler carriage. As a further option the rig is also available as modular system, i.e. the rig is consisting of single modular units with a maximum weight of 20 t each. This enables very fast set-up and dismantling of the rig. That is why it is one of the most favorite directional drill rigs made by PRIME DRILLING.


The PD 450/150 RP-C is available with the diesel engine for drive function mounted "on board". With the trailer and the frame version the drive unit is supplied in a separate power pack (20 ft. container) of optional capacities of 470 kW, 570 kW and 880 kW.


Due to the high torque and the high pull force, drillings of up to 2,600 m in length and pipe diameters of up to 2,000 mm are possible. Equipped with a rack and pinion feed system (R&P), the drill mast has a feeding length of 11 m, so that range 2 drill pipes can be used. The drilling angle of the mast of 6° - 15° can be adjusted via 6 hydraulic cylinders which are installed in the front section of the mast support.


Driven by 10 hydraulic cylinders the power rotary head has a torque of 150,000 Nm and can be shifted into three gear steps. The torque can be increased to 180,000 Nm.


Furthermore the drill rig is available with drill pipe supply system, hydraulic manipulator, drill pipe crane, camera system, a drill data log-in system as well as with further options.


On customers request the PD 450/150 RP is available with separate 10 ft. or 20 ft operating container equipped with monitor and joystick control system.

Pull Force:
4,500 kN
150 kNm
46 rpm
Drive Power:
570 kW
85 t

PD 450/150 RP on jobsites:

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