Compact-Drilling Rig PD 80/45 CU


Crawler carriage with on-board mounted control cabin


Our Compact-Rigs are also at home in the performance category of 800 kN pull force. The Rig PD 80/45 Cu ensure maximum flexibility and increased overall productivity. Due its compact structure time requirements for reaching the drilling position and the setting up of the drill mast are reduced to a minimum. Moreover, the pump type PD-X.1.000-C, a pump developed by our affiliated company Prime-GPT GmbH, has been integrated into the machine frame. The "on board" pump offers increased dynamics and greater mobility and flexibility on site.


All driving, setting and drilling functions are operated out of the comfortably equipped and 90° rotational control cabin. The ergonomical seat, efficient heating, high-quality radio and electrically pre-controlled joystick operation are standard features of our rig. Further options like air conditioning, a computer for drill data recording or a pipe-side camera are available on request.


The rack & pinion (RP) feed system is mounted onto the drill mast, which is made of high speed steel, and serves to drive the robust power rotary head with a torque of  45 kNm. The Compact-Rig of type 80 t pull force is actuated by a water-cooled diesel motor and achieves drillings of lengths up to 1,000 m and of diameters up to 1,000 mm. Besides the large-sized diesel tank of 450 l the rig is also provided with a big hydraulic oil tank with a capacity of 650 l.


Like its little brother, the PD 60/30 CU, the Compact-Rig is equipped with a semi-automatic drill pipe supply with 30 m of drill pipes or, alternatively, with a semi-automatic drill pipe magazine, which dispenses of a load capacity of 72 m of drill pipes. As usual the customer can choose from a wide range of accessory products and rely on our comprehensive service.
Pull force:
80 t
45 kNm
Power rating:
224 kW
19.5 t

"on Board" Pump

Engine capacity:
87 kW
Number of revolutions:
185 rpm
Volume rate:
1,029 l/min
Pressure max.:
30 bar

PD 80/45 CU on jobsites:

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