Prime Drilling delivers first electric drill rig to the Netherlands

Prime Drilling´s first fully electronic HDD rig was handed over to the Dutch company Van Vulpen as per August 30, 2019. The drill rig features a pull force of 300 tons and a feeding speed of 36 m/min as well as a torque of 120 kNm and a maximum speed of 54 rpm.

Development of this new electric rig was realised in close cooperation with the purchaser Van Vulpen. All components were subject to a thorough selection and testing process prior to being released for the design department.

The HDD rig is equipped with a 10-mto drill pipe crane as well as a drill pipe supply system and installed on a mobile crawler carriage with operating cabin. All electric components have been developed specially for mobile applications. A 50-kW rechargeable battery serves to drive the rig to the drilling site. The most important benefit of this battery is recuperation of the brake energy, i.e. it absorbs the energy generated by travelling empty or by braking the feeding carriage and feeds it back during operation under load. An innovative direct cooling system enables a high continuous performance.

As an option the electric rig is also available with an automatic monitoring system of all parameters and a modem for worldwide remote servicing. Furthermore, the drill rig complies with the requirements for IP 69K protection class. The electric rig can be used even in highly sensitive nature reserves. It als impresses with its compactness in size (3.0 m in width and 3.4 m in height) as well as with its low transport weight of 49.5 tons incl. crawler carriage, drill pipe supply, crane and operating cabin. "Despite the electric components´ rather big dimensions we have succeeded in designing a HDD rig, which is only minimally exceeding the weight and size of a comparable standard machine with diesel engine and hydraulic drive system", emphasizes Werner Wurm, Managing Director of Prime Drilling. The machine easily passed its ordeal by fire and effortlessly performed at full capacity of 300 tons at the first go. Also the first drilling job was a major success (1,730 m interception, drilling operation with two rigs). A length of roughly 900 m was drilled with the electric rig alone, including casing pipe installation, followed by the use as anti-rig. "We were very pleased with the opportunity to design this unique rig together with company Van Vulpen and we are proud that the first drill was such a success," summarises Werner Wurm.

Click here to view the complete report published in magazine B_I umweltbau 5/19.