Mud Pump type PD X-3.004 SG HDD

The X-series mud pump type PD X-3.004 SG HDD manufactured by PRIME DRILLING impresses with its robust and low-wear design. The 7-fold bearing mounted drive shaft, which is equipped with 3 eccentric wheels, replaces the conventional crankshaft.

Due to the revolution of these shafts and their maximum 230 rotations per minute operational wear of rubbers and liners are reduced to a minimum.

The pump is driven by a 470 kW CAT engine. This type of mud pump is exclusively manufactured in our Wenden plant, i.e. „made in Germany“. Its electronic gearshift in combination with eccentric wheels used instead of a crankshaft make it a high- power but low- maintenance product. All valves and plungers also comply with API standards.


PD X-3.004 SG HDD

Flow Rate:
3.190 l/min
Max. Flow Pressure:
60 bar
210 rpm
Drive Power:
470 kW


PD X-3.004 SG HDD on jobsites:

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