Since a successful bore is particularly dependent on the reliability of the drilling technology used, we attach great importance not only to high technical features of our rigs but also to robustness, low-maintenance design and extra long service life.

The special design, the outstanding quality and individuality of each and every drilling rig is made possible only by a determined will to achieve perfection.

Designed and developed for days, weeks, months and sometimes years. It can be a long process, which leads to success only by maintaining permanent quality assurance. The results are impressive:
Powerful drilling rigs with unmistakable characteristics manufactured according to customer specifications and to a high standard.

The innovative technology "Made in Germany" of all Prime-Drilling-Systems have a simple and uncomplicated handling despite modern technology.

On all continents of the world the sophisticated technique of our drilling rigs have already proved their effectiveness and utmost reliability. Even the most adverse climate conditions to which the Prime Drilling rigs were exposed have been mastered – whether in the cold of the Arctic, in the heat of the Africa or in the humidity of the Brazilian Amazon region. Drill rigs by Prime Drilling „For your succsess“.