The name PRIME DRILLING stands for highest precision and continuous innovation with the construction and development of robust HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) systems. We use high-quality materials to develop a low-maintenance, robust and reliable drilling rig with an above-average service life.
Profund know-how in drilling technique, high production quality and perfect service are the outstanding benefits for our customers and the pillars of our company´s success. 



07. Jan 2021 Van de Beek receives first PRIME DRILLING rig

Van de Beek receives first PRIME DRILLING rig

We are pleased to announce the handover of a new PD 45/19 MCU to the dutch company Van de Beek right before closure of this year.

27. Jul 2020
ordering the first two hybrid drilling rigs

Ordering the first two hybrid drilling rigs

12. Mar 2020 20“ pipe installation with Compact Drill Rig PD 80/45 CU

First project completed with new rig turns out to be a major success

US company RJ Underground has completed the first job with their new compact drill rig manufactured by PRIME DRILLING with great success.

24. Jan 2020 Messetermine für 2020

Trade fair dates for 2020

Our trade fair dates for 2020:

Watrex Expo Egypt, Kairo

IFAT Munich
cancelled - the next IFAT will take place in 2022

Trenchless Asia 2020 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
17. - 18.11.2020

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Prime Drilling stands for optimum product quality and service. "What does not fit is made to fit" - this is the motto under which we are compyling with the specific requirements and demands of our customers. Equally important is the sustainable developement of our family-owned company since the safety and the personal satisfaction of our employees are essentials parts of our success and the long-term economic security of business. Being better than the competition is a everday challenge we gladly face.

Our company claim „for your success“ means the focus of our daily actions are on the satisfaction of our customers. It also means attentively listening to our customer, purposefully applying decade-long experience and never losing sight of our quality objective. These are the values and maxims rooted in our family and company tradition with its focus on the customer at all times.


Prime Drilling GmbH is specialized in the development and manufacture of Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs. The company was established in 1999 and since then has grown continuously. Today, the name Prime Drilling stands for the highest level of competence and continuous innovation in the engineering and development of HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) rigs.


On all continents of the world the sophisticated technique of our drilling rigs have already proved their effectiveness and utmost reliability. Even the most adverse climate conditions to which the Prime Drilling rigs were exposed have been mastered – whether in the cold of the Arctic, in the heat of the Africa or in the humidity of the Brazilian Amazon region.

Family tradition

As a middle-sized and family-owned company we are working in a both down-to-earth and quality-oriented manner. Furthermore we are able to work indepenent of the market and to focus on innovation, progress as well as high product and service quality.


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