Technical specifications

Push-/ pull force: 400 t - 1.000 t

Diamter range: 20" - 60"

Torque: 90 - 120 kNm

Weight: 50 t

Extra-Power for Pipe Pullback

ThePrime Pipe Pusher mainly serves for additional push or pull force with pipe pullback, but also offers the perfect solution for application combined with tunnel boring machines.

On customer´s request the Prime Pipe Pusher is also available with Rack & Pinion (R&P) system or cylinder drive. Depending on customer´ s requirements and job-site conditions the Prime Pipe Pusher can be mounted alternatively on the drill mast of a drilling rig or on steel frame. In combination with the optional drive systems this product offers the perfect solution for demanding job-sites working with pipeline diameters of 20“ to 60“.

Push force is transferred via a number of tensioning chains, which are installed into a chain housing, onto the pipe to be pulled in. The geometrical shape of the tensioning chain guarantees an even surface pressure at the entire circumference of the pipe and thus enables transfer of a push force of up to 100 to per chain. The casing is directly linked to the feeding system (cylinder, R&P) and has a capacity of four to ten tensioning chains, thus allowing for a maximum push force of400 t bis 1.000 t .

This system enables a unique light weight construction with utmost stability.

Operating in both directions
Variable length of 6 m up to 24 m
Suitable for any diameter ranging from 20“ to 60“
Tensioning chains can be upgraded
Hydraulic carriage motors can be upgraded
Low weight
Only minimum foundation work required