Our customer, the company Sonntag, recently gave an interview to the trade magazine B_I umweltbau. You can find the full article here:

Interview B_I umweltbau 

Infra Group – Verbraeken (www.infra-group.eu) is a contractor specialized in multi-disciplinary infrastructure works. The group employs 2,800 people in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands and holds many certificates such as BE-Class 8 Construction, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, VCA**, ISO 14001, Achilles (EGS) and OHSAS 18001.

Prime Drilling has earned a reputation as a supplier of high-precision horizontal directional drilling equipment not only in Australia but across the world.

Prime Drilling, an independent partner of TRACTO-TECHNIK, is operating on an international scale specialising in the manufacture of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technology.

Recently Dominion Energy needed a project completed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Van de Beek receives first PRIME DRILLING rig

We are pleased to announce the handover of a new PD 45/19 MCU to the dutch company Van de Beek right before closure of this year.

ordering the first two hybrid drilling rigs
20“ pipe installation with Compact Drill Rig PD 80/45 CU

US company RJ Underground has completed the first job with their new compact drill rig manufactured by PRIME DRILLING with great success.

New Prime Drilling „Mini-compact drilling rig” for Holland Drilling

This week, the Dutch drilling company Holland Drilling expanded its machine park by the first HDD drilling rig in the "Mini" version, a PD 45/19 CU from Prime Drilling.

Prime Drilling delivers first electric drill rig to the Netherlands

Prime Drilling´s first fully electronic HDD rig was handed over to the Dutch company Van Vulpen as per August 30, 2019. The drill rig features a pull force of 300 tons and a feeding speed of 36 m/min as well as a torque of 120 kNm and a maximum speed of 54 rpm.