Infra Group – Verbraeken ( is a contractor specialized in multi-disciplinary infrastructure works. The group employs 2,800 people in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands and holds many certificates such as BE-Class 8 Construction, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, VCA**, ISO 14001, Achilles (EGS) and OHSAS 18001.

Prime Drilling has earned a reputation as a supplier of high-precision horizontal directional drilling equipment not only in Australia but across the world.

Prime Drilling, an independent partner of TRACTO-TECHNIK, is operating on an international scale specialising in the manufacture of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technology.

Recently Dominion Energy needed a project completed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Van de Beek receives first PRIME DRILLING rig

We are pleased to announce the handover of a new PD 45/19 MCU to the dutch company Van de Beek right before closure of this year.

ordering the first two hybrid drilling rigs
20“ pipe installation with Compact Drill Rig PD 80/45 CU

US company RJ Underground has completed the first job with their new compact drill rig manufactured by PRIME DRILLING with great success.

New Prime Drilling „Mini-compact drilling rig” for Holland Drilling

This week, the Dutch drilling company Holland Drilling expanded its machine park by the first HDD drilling rig in the "Mini" version, a PD 45/19 CU from Prime Drilling.

Prime Drilling delivers first electric drill rig to the Netherlands

Prime Drilling´s first fully electronic HDD rig was handed over to the Dutch company Van Vulpen as per August 30, 2019. The drill rig features a pull force of 300 tons and a feeding speed of 36 m/min as well as a torque of 120 kNm and a maximum speed of 54 rpm.

Small - Efficient - Compact!

With the new generation of compact drill rigs Prime Drilling sets new standards in this performance category. Due to perfected design and optimised components both weight and sizes and thus transport and set-up costs have been reduced to a minimum.