If it does not run as smoothly as you expect on your jobsite, our experienced specialists assist you either by audioconference or directly in situ on your jobsite.

Our customers can count on us in case of problems at home or abroad and can benefit from our long-time experience in HDD technology. We train your staff and increase efficiency of your work. We also offer training of machine operators on the jobsite. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Our drill rigs are technically highly developed and yet at the same time uncomplicated to maintain. We offer a comprehensive after-sales service while our customers can easily procure spare parts on the local market and carry out necessary repairs by themselves. Our service team is available at any time anywhere in the world and ready to provide you with active support.

Furthermore we can support you fast and easily via our remote maintenance system.


Besides a comprehensive product range of HDD and MDD technology Prime Drilling also offers a large variety of professional services. We are at our worldwide customers´ disposal at any time.  Our service team is available for you at short notice and our remote maintenance service can be accessed at any time.

These are the main advantages for our customers:
Competence from a single source
with best quality and professional service!

Since a successful drilling operation particularly depends on the reliability of the drilling equipment used, besides the high technical performance features of our drill rigs, we attach utmost importance to the rigs being robust and low in maintenance while providing an extra-long service life at reduced service costs.


We have large storage areas and can react quickly, efficiently and flexibly to your wishes. Even in emergencies we can react at short notice through our own warehouse.